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artworks by  Josephine Broekhuizen

Josephine was born in Den Haag in January 1956. Her family were no strangers to art. Her grandfather was Matthias Hage a well-known painter who lived and worked around Laren from the twenties to the fifties. His uncles were the famous Maris brothers of the Hague School whose works feature in collections worldwide.

Josephine started her training in Holland in the seventies and after a move to Aberdeen to live and study, finished it at Gray's School of Art where she graduated MA in 1984. It was also there she met her husband, artist Tim Pomeroy. They have two children. Saskia who is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art continuing the family tradition, and Christian, who at time of writing wants to become an aeronautical engineer.

The family are settled on the Isle of Arran where they have a large studio on their eight-acre smallholding. The garden and livestock are important to Josephine's sense of harmony in life. She divides her time evenly between family, garden and art. She has exhibited her work in many galleries and is a past first prizewinner of Aberdeen Artists annual exhibition. Josephine is currently working for a solo exhibition  in the Netherlands in  September 2010. This exhibition is part of an art event in Diepenheim in the east of the Netherlands.

Josephine's early paintings were concerned with personal issues. These pictures were characterised by elongated figures floating in the air or engaged in undramatic activity; combing hair, looking in a mirror, stroking the ever-present dog (Roetje). As time went on these pictures changed. A move to Lanarkshire made for paintings examining the surrounding kames and woods. Many of the drawings of this time have a sureness of tone and an angularity which is perhaps the first hint of the formality to come in the later collages. Slowly the paintings began to concentrate more on the organised formality of the still life. These were celebrated in a series of exhibitions in both Scotland and Holland.

From 1988 to 1993 Josephine helped finance her life as an artist by working for the Baron of Lee castle near Lanark. The works made during this time are too many to list here. Suffice it to say that Josephine carried out major mural, portrait and interior d�cor schemes. Among the memorable works are the Bannockburn mural in the ballroom, the four life-sized portraits of the Baron and Lady Patricia and the Celtic murals in the private chapel.

At the same time Josephine was painting portraits and teaching art evening classes for Clydesdale District Council. Though she taught mainly drawing and painting her interests in fabric and material came in very handy. Her teaching experience is beautifully represented by the community wall hanging in Carnwath Hall, Lanarkshire. Evidence of Josephine's involvement in the communities around Lanark is there for the discovering. All this time Josephine continued to paint on her own paintings persistently keeping busy and alive both in the studio and in her much-loved garden. Anyone who knows Josephine knows how much love and attention she lavishes on her garden. No less care goes into everything she paints'or collages which takes us onto another stage of her development.

In 1997 the family moved to the Isle of Arran of Scotland's west coast. After working with the Arran primary schools on a particular project based on the Highland Clearances, Josephine produced the collage, Scottish Landscape. The direct approach of the cut paper gave a directness of composition and a surety of tone, which continues into the works of today. She started by making collages. Then she used the collages as sketches for larger paintings and that off and on continues to be her working method. Her most recent paintings use found objects on the beach. Shells, pieces of broken pottery or crockery. Like the collage-based pictures the objects inhabit a vague or deliberately non-specific space. They are real objects in suggested interiors drawn fully in the round or left slightly ghost-like painted lines. In either case colours are subtle and sensitive, tonality is sure. There are not always deeper messages to be had but the spectator neglects to look for them at his or her own '''Moths become metaphors for the search for inner light or the trapped soul longing to fly without the confines of the body. The diving gannets based on observation from her house have a simplicity and lethality that no amount of modelling could enhance. The irises growing by the shoreline are unaware of the almost invisible jet crossing the sea in the distance behind them. As in life, there is much to see beyond the obvious

Academy for Visual Arts, Rotterdam                                                    1977/81
Grays School of Arts                                                                                                      1982/84
Qualified B.A. Honours                                                                                            1984
First Prize Winner Aberdeen Artists Exh.                                    1984
Extensive/Murals Portraits/Int.Dec. for The Lee Castle Lanark      1989/96
Murals for Baxters Drumclog Heritage Centre, Strathhaven Scotland  1996 and 1999

Solo exhibitions
Abtswoude Gallery Delft,The Netherlands
Coffee-shop Kleiweg, Delft, The Netherlands
Town-Hall St. Annaparochie, The Netherlands
Motherwell Library  Scotland
Workhouse Gallery Kings Road  London
Netherlands consulate Edinburgh
Netherlands consulate Aberdeen
2004                Carby Gallery    Aberdeen
2009                Harbour Arts Centre

Group exhibitions
1983              Aberdeen Artists
1983                Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
1984                Aberdeen Artists Exhibition
1984                Royal Scottish Academy
Compass Gallery Summer Exhibition, Glasgow

1987                R.G.I, Glasgow
1987                  Muller pier Rotterdam, The Netherlands
1988                  Hamilton Museum, Scotland
1993                  Scottish Society of Artists, Edinburgh
1997/2008 Studio 4 Isle of Arran, Scotland
2000             Burnside Gallery Arran
2000/2002    group exhibition Gold Gallery Dundas street Edinburgh
2001                Gatehouse Gallery Glasgow
2004                  Milton gallery Crathes Castle
2004                  Carby gallery Aberdeen
2005-8            Arran Art Gallery

Various Private commissions for Portraits and Murals from 1992/2001

1987- 1997  extensive teaching experience running adult courses in drawing and painting for the community on behalf of  Clydesdale District Council .  Experience organizing and running community projects producing artworks for public spaces designed and made by the community.

1997 ' 2008  Extensive experience teaching art to all levels of school children including disabled and disadvantaged on behalf of North Ayrshire Council. Experience in designing and delivering art courses/block projects . Extensive experience working in collaboration with other artists including digital arts and drama. Experience of evaluation of completed projects and community work.

Josephine is currently working for a solo exhibition  in the Netherlands in  September 2010. This exhibition is part of an art event in Diepenheim in the east of the Netherlands

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