An Art Gallery In Castle Douglas, South West Scotland, Selling Contemporary Work By National And International Artists and Makers and Scottish Paintings From The 19th Century Onwards.

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The Gallery


Walk down to the end of King Street, Castle Douglas and discover a shop front painted bright burgundy with the gold and blue sign above of the McGill Duncan Gallery. The long legged Gallery bird with a heart on its wing perches outside to show people the way in.

Look through the windows and catch a glimpse of a large light spacious room. Step inside the smaller front room, welcoming and warm with wooden panels, oak screens and stained glass.

Since its original existence as a fashion boutique in the 60s, as a picture framers in the 70s and a gallery in the 80s the Gallery's history is reflected in the variety and character of the spaces.

Visitors can see paintings, pottery and glass arranged in an appealing and interesting way and our customers should find something new each time they return.

There are five exhibiting spaces to explore, each with a different character, but still offering a variety of fine art and individually crafted work by national and international makers.

Climb the twisting spiral staircase up to a quaint low ceiling attic room with a selection of further artwork. We hold a permanent stock of Galloway Paintings from the 19th to the early 20th Century. Please contact us if you are interested in viewing.

In fine weather it's possible to wander through the conservatory, used both as a store and for more informal display, and find a perfectly proportioned garden with a twisting path leading to a storybook lamp post in a quiet sheltered haven away from the bustle of the busy market town of Castle Douglas.

All work for sale in the Gallery is original and chosen for its high quality and excellent craftsmanship. It is presented with understanding and knowledge, but in a relaxed informal way. With each exhibition carefully planned and lasting up to 6 weeks, the atmosphere and ambience of the Gallery can change dramatically.

Quotes from our Visitors Book:

"A proper gallery!"

"Peaceful garden. Wonderful mix of contemporary work viewed. Thanks."

"This is superb'the gallery surpasses expectations"

"B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L just what Castle Douglas needs. Modern, beauty, ART, Jewellery, fantastic!"

"Lovely building, lovely things, lovely times ahead."

"I'm so glad I got to see this lovely exhibition."

"Awesome exhibition"

"John Johnstone is a marvel - his paintings are a treasure and priceless"

"Very good. Higher quality of ceramics than I have seen lately."

"Very inspiring, wonderful technique."

"Came, Saw, Enjoyed, Bought! Many Thanks!"

"Well worth the long journey"

"A change to get away from the tat and see 'TOP OF THE RANGE' "

"A triumph - congrats to all"

"Lovely welcome - super gallery."

"Enjoyed our visit very much. Will be back."

"Through adversity-to the stars!"

"Quirky lovely place and all its contents-ART! Whoopee!"

"Very diverse and refreshing"

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