Artworks by Richard W Boardman

Richard W. Boardman's main interest is in animal forms, some of which combine mythical elements. Intrinsic to every work is his own highly developed sense of aesthetics and humour. Ideas are realised in pencil or pen & ink drawings. From these drawings the sculptures are built up in wax and then cast in bronze. Small sculpture projects are realised in silver. Other ideas appear in illustrations which often contain strong architectural elements and further ideas are developed into illustrated stories in book form.

All of RwB’s sculpture such as the siren, fox, elephant, gecko, the sphinx and other creations are inspired by personal experiences - a night at the theatre - a visit to the circus - a beach in Mauritius - a secret trip to Egypt.

A meticulous standard of observation combined with a sense of fun gives life to daydreams and creates a unique world populated by special creatures.

Richard W. Boardman attended Colchester School of Art and Central School of Art & Design in London.

He has exhibited in Rome, Florence and London.

Richard’s work is in many private collections in North America, Europe and Japan including:

Dukes Hotel London
Collection of Sir Charles Chadwyck – Healey

He is represented by Panter & Hall, London and McGill Duncan Gallery, in Scotland.

Richard W Boardman